In compliance with legislation, all The Leshaga Protection Services personnel are registered with PSIRA which is an independent statutory body designed to promote, protect maintain or better the status of contract security personnel. PSIRA fulfils a number of regulatory functions which include:

- A computerized database which allows fingerprint classification of all persons wishing to enter the Security Industry. This reduces the risk of employing people that have been convicted of criminal activity from entering the industry.

- The promotion and protection of minimum standards for Security Personnel and the setting and supervision of training standards for all grades of Security Officers.

The above mentioned standards ensure that you, The Client, have “PEACE OF MIND”

The Security Services Employers Organization was formed in October 1997, when six companies parted from another employer’s organization, to enable them to effectively and professionally control their own destinies with regard to wage and other important labour related matters.

SSEO has been a driving force in the establishment of the Security Industry Alliance (SIA), an umbrella body to represent the interests of the varied disciplines within the Private Security Industry, in all matters of mutual interest. SSEO members continue to hold key positions within the SIA management structures.